Why fighting cancer proves counter -productive.

8 March 2021, Monday


Lewis Pugh is known as “The Human Polar Bear”.

He had all but perfected the art and science in swimming in ice cold waters, until he encountered Lake Pumori – at 5200 meters above sea level on the slopes of Mount Everest.

Lake Pumori is glacial. The water is freezing, but that wasn’t the problem.

The problem was altitude.

I prepared to do the swim the same way I’ve done every other cold water swim for the last 23 years – dive in and go for it with everything I’ve got. The colder I would get – the faster and harder I would try to swim ‘

This strategy to fight the cold backfired, with an exhausted Lewis Pugh all but drowning on the slopes of Everest.

What Lewis needed was a what his coach called a R.T.S -a Radical Tactical Shift

Nobody bullies Everest. Lewis you must swim more slowly, swim breast stroke, swim with humility, not aggression.

Lewis and his team learnt a few valuable lessons on Mount Everest and went on to conquer Lake Pumori.

The first, that if something is not working, then one needs to take heed and implement

a Radical Tactical Shift: RTS

The second that one can change a lot of things, like your stroke, your speed, but for effective change to take place – you have to change your mind set – your approach.


In the very same way, one cannot bully the mountain called cancer.

Fighting the mountain will always prove counter-productive.

Why ?

Cancer is not the problem – it’s merely the messenger.

But, if you Google cancer, you will find that the literature is littered with stories of people opting to fight cancer with all their  might –  trying harder and harder .

THE CANCER MESSAGE often gets ignored .

Fighting cancer, as in Lewis Pugh’s attempt to fight the altitude on Everest –  proves to deliver exhaustion and  disillusionment. Fighting cancer is like swimming against a rip -tide.

The right change is required to deliver the right result.

Here’s the key insight :

Great Champions choose never to fight . They take heed . They CONQUER





At Project Cancer Champions we adopt a FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT APPROACH – a radical tactic shift.

That means we do not fight cancer per se.

We know that:

The symptom is not the problem – it’s merely the messenger

It’s the understanding of’ The Cancer Message’, that allows a cancer patient to go on and conquer cancer– and bounce back to live a life of Health and Happiness.

At Project Cancer Champions we have modelled what those who have gone before – Cancer Champions – know, do and do not do to conquer one of life’s greatest challenges.

The successful strategies and tactics of great Cancer Champions like Lance Armstrong, Nelson Mandela, Kylie Minogue, Martine Navratilova and many others are packaged for you in THE GAME PLAN METHOD – a powerful four-pronged model to conquer and prevent cancer.


LA 2

In his first book: It’s not about the bike, Lance Armstrong described the four- pronged model he used to conquer cancer – as his gift to cancer patients.

Indeed it is – but sadly it has gone mostly unnoticed and sadly unused.

We have added to his initial model, with the esoteric knowledge and collective wisdom of other cancer champions – to arrive at the game – changing



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Conquering Cancer demands The Right Resolve, The Right Knowledge, The Right Support and The Right Game Plan. When on can say the words ” I GET IT “- the healing begins .

 I will not attend an anti – war rally, but if you have a peace rally – invite me .  Mother Theresa


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