What every woman should know about breast cancer. Complimentary eBOOK on Womans Day.

8 March 2021, Monday
Breast Cancer









 I dream that the word ‘cure’ will no longer be followed by the words ‘it’s impossible’ Together; we can make a world where cancer no longer means living with fear, without hope, or worse – Patrick Swayze

This week I received a call from a friend who told me she had just been diagnosed with cancer.

It hits home especially hard when the call comes from those too close, as in family and friends.

One in four South Africans is associated with cancer in some form or another. Either they have it themselves, or they have a relative or a friend battling the disease.

In April 2013, Time magazine reported that:

 The probability of developing some type of cancer over one’s life time is for men, one in two, and for women,one in three.

Scary statistics.

BUT, and but is by far the most powerful word in the English language…….


Many go to conquer cancer and become true cancer champions if they ask the right questions gain the right understanding – and take the right actions.

Fisrt up,the right question,the human smart question is :

What’s the one common denominator amongst every single cancer patient?

In other words what causes cancer?

 Surprisingly there is only ONE common denominator – and if one is armed with this knowledge – one is empowered to conquer cancer.

Thanks to the selfless sharing of esoteric knowledge by those who have conquered cancer , including the likes of  Nelson Mandela, Lance Armstrong, Kylie Minogue, Martina Navratilova  –  and many less famous –  the answer to this ONE question is shared in my FREE eBook.

Breast Cancer

What every woman should know about breast cancer.

  • The surprisingly simple truth behind how to conquer breast cancer.


The book is crammed full of insight, innovation and inspiration gleaned from hundreds of cancer champions – those who have conquered cancer.

Please do share it with all those you care for –  as it explores many of the invaluable principles of life and health –  which guide us to live happy and healthy lives.

Your feedback is always appreciated at robopie@thegameplan.co.za

More insights, innovation and inspiration available at www.cancerchampions.co

Happy Womans day. Happy Womans month.

Go Great


ROBO COP 3Rob Opie is a Brand Strategist, Key Note Speaker, Author,Performance Coach to teams  and Life Coach to indviduals: www.thegameplan.co.za

His great passion is to inspire and help people to live lives of health and happiness –  and to do life better.

He runs a NON- PROFIT on line cancer resource centre at CANCER CHAMPIONS