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Kylie and Angelina on Breast Cancer
27 January 2020, Monday

Kylie and Angelina. They may look similar in real life, but their approach to life and health is radically different. October is Breast Cancer Month and earlier in the year Kylie Minogue spoke out openly …

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No Health. No Wealth. What fuel are you putting in your tank?
27 January 2020, Monday

  We live in the most technologically advanced society that mankind has ever known, yet we remain mostly unaware of the powerful universal laws of life and health that govern our daily lives. Recent trends …

Creating life balance is key to your health and happiness
27 January 2020, Monday

Many years back a rather catchy advertisement described the South African lifestyle as one of braaivleis, rugby, sunny skies and Chevrolet. Well, things have certainly changed and undoubtedly the biggest game changer in the last …

Sport holds the key to conquering Motor Neuron Dis- ease.
27 January 2020, Monday

Scientists have found that a statistical link exists between Sport and Motor Neuron Dis/ease. (MND). Let’s explore this further. Doctors classify Motor Neuron Dis-eases according to whether they are inherited or sporadic, and to whether degeneration affects upper …

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Cancer: it’s NOT your fault if you get it, and here’s why
27 January 2020, Monday

One of the most common questions I get asked by cancer patients through my global online Cancer Resource Centre is: Did I bring this on myself? Well, nobody ever wishes oneself to be ill, so …

6 pic do what you do best
Do what you do best. And never forget the inherent value in a ‘to stop list‘
27 January 2020, Monday

It’s spring and time to clean up. And wow, how our lives have been transformed by technology. Things that took months and years are now accomplished in little more than a few days .The explosive …

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