Rob Opie interviewed on his book ‘ Cracking the Cancer Code

27 January 2020, Monday
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Rob Opie is interviewed about his book: ‘Cracking the Cancer Code’, his global online Cancer Resource Centre(, and the extra ordinary success enabled to date, in changing and saving lives – one life at a time.

 How did you first get involved with cancer research?

My first interest in cancer was sparked way back in 1999, with the untimely loss of one of my golfing buddies to colonic cancer, the legendary West Indian cricketer. Malcolm ‘Macko’ Marshall. It was all over so quickly. I wanted to find answers where none seemed to exist.

Where did your research start?

To arrive at the right answers one needs to ask the right questions. And target these questions at those who have been successful .For instance how did Lance Armstrong, Nelson Mandela, Kylie Minogue and many others go on to conquer cancer? Game changing insights came from our interactive and interdisciplinary studies of the great champions of life and health.

 What were these key insights?

Commonalities do exist. Champions, whether summiting Everest or conquering Cancer. think different. If something is not working, they opt for what we term a R.T.S – a radical tactical shift. Hence they stop doing what has not been working so far in life, and find a better way ‘to do life’. This is the key to ‘Cracking the Cancer Code’, and is also the title of my free eBook. It’s well worth a read for those who want to conquer cancer, and those who want to avoid cancer.

Cracking the Cancer Code? Why do you use the Everest analogy?

Everest helps to encourage the crucial ’think different’ approach needed to conquer cancer. Most cancer patients unwittingly fall into ‘the human trap’ of wanting to fight cancer .This is a big mistake, and one that cancer champions do not make! This is why I liken cancer to Everest. If you choose to fight the mountain, you’re likely to die on the mountain. Cancer Champions ‘work with the mountain’ – they choose to conquer it, not fight it.

 What’s the difference between fighting and conquering cancer?

Most people when they hear the words – ‘you’ve got cancer’, opt for conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery. This is the right thing to do. It’s the genius of modern mainstream medicine. But, to conquer cancer, one must do more than address ‘the symptom’. Cancer Champions do not rely solely on symptomatic treatment. They do more – by addressing the cause. In our healing, it is important to listen, understand and respond to any underlying message of any state of dis/ease. We need to find answers to why this, why now, why me and why the disruption of a life of ease? The symptom is never the problem, it’s merely the messenger. Cancer is one’s body doing it level best to tell one that there are imbalances present – to make life design changes – and to restore life balance.

   Life Balance creates wellness ( a state of ease). Life Imbalance creates illness (a state of dis/ease)

 Is restoring life balance the game changer when it comes to conquering cancer?

Yes, but contrary to what most people believe, cancer is not a dis/ease where the imbalance originates in the physical or chemical realms of life and health. Cancer triggers from the emotional realm. With every cancer patients we work with – we find one common denominator – one common pattern always exists. And it’s the fuel of cancer. Cancer triggers when one unwittingly holds on for too longer period of time – to the highly toxic emotion called resentment. It’s an insidious emotion capable of sending one’s cell formation into total disarray. I wish more people could understand how negatively held emotions can play havoc with one’s health and happiness. Sometimes destruct and destroy lives. Emotion is the No.1 life force. And therefore ‘life balance’ will always be the No.1 anti- cancer ‘drug’. It cuts off the fuel.

Any further insights and inspiration to help cancer patients?

The good news is that cancer is not as complicated as most people make it out to be. Actually, when it comes to cancer, complexity is the enemy of cure. As explained, cancer is a human emotion dis/ease. It’s one’s wake up call to restore life balance – to make the required changes, and hence take back one’s life. What’s required are equal measures of self- honesty and self -love. More good news is that just as the body can move to a state of dis/ease, so too, can it bounce back to a state of ease.

It’s up to you to enable it to do so!


*Rob Opie is a human behavioural  expert,  consultant , speaker and  author.To find out more, and/or get a FREE copy of his eBook, please contact him through his online Cancer Resource Centre at