‘Adversity is the first path to truth' Lord Byron


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Welcome to Project Cancer Champions (PCC)

   – a global online Cancer Resource Centre.

Changing lives – Saving lives!

‘The probability of developing some type of cancer over one’s life time is for men, one in two, and for women, and one in three.’ Time Magazine


When United States President Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act into effect in 1971, most Americans – and the rest of the world –believed that if America could put a man on the moon, the war against Cancer would soon be over. More than 40 years on and rogue cancer cells continue to cause death, destroy lives and devastate families.

Every day in the US alone, more than 1500 people succumb to the dis/ease. In South Africa that number is estimated to be 150. Worldwide more people die of cancer than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. It is a dis/ease capable of exacting a terrible toll. In 2014 more than 8 million sufferers did not survive into the New Year.

One in four South Africans is associated with cancer in some form or the other. Either they have it themselves, or they have a relative or a friend battling the dis/ease.

Despite genius advances of modern mainstream medicine in cancer treatments and early detection programmes , these statistics are nothing short of frightening – and they are growing.

At Project Cancer Champions (PCC) we have made it our mission  to significantly impact on these statistics by helping and enabling more and more people to conquer cancer.  We adopt a ‘think different’ approach to cancer. We do not see cancer as the enemy .We see cancer as an opportunity – an opportunity  to start of a new life journey –  an opportunity to make life-design changes –  an opportunity  to do life better!

And we know that conquering cancer is no longer impossible.

So, this is the good news  about cancer ,and we invite you to join us on the journey

– on a road back to a life of ease, as opposed to one of dis/ease. And a life filled with health and happiness.

Our interdisciplinary research on Project Cancer Champions began way back to 1999, with the untimely death of one of his golfing buddies to colon cancer – the legendary West Indian cricketer, Malcolm ‘Macko’ Marshall. His death created a burning desire to find the answers, where none seemed to exist!

The resulting step-by-step The Game Plan Method, is the culmination of over a decade of interactive exploration of many of the great champions of life and health – none more so than South African born Elon Musk, whose inspirational outlook on life is to:

Find out what is, and will affect mankind most ,find out what is not currently working ,and go out and fix it !

Conquering Cancer certainly fits that bill.

The esoteric knowledge and collective wisdom shared with you at PCC is a true acknowledgement and tribute to the great champions who have participated and selflessly shared their insight and inspiration – in order to help others conquer cancer .

 More about ‘The Game Plan’ Method:

      Unblock . Unlock . Unleash

 Here’s one of our key PCC insights right up front!

When it comes to cancer, complexity is the enemy of cure

Our methodologies therefore deconstruct the complexity of cancer. We do this by asking the right questions. And we keep it all simple by sharing with you what the great champions of life and health believe, what they know, what they do and what they do not do – to conquer cancer.

The Game Plan Method embraces  three  ‘game changing ‘action steps:

Step One:    Unblock: It’s the Reality Check. What is currently going on ?

Step Two:    Unlock: It’s the Diagnostics: What fuel are you using ?What is fuelling the cancer?

Step Three: Unleash: It’s the Game Plan : It’s  puts the power right back in your hands .And action


Please do find time to  read Rob’s Free eBook ‘Cracking the Cancer Code’- the way of the great champions.

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Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.   Hippocrates (460-377BC)


More about Rob Opie ?

Rob Opie  is Human Behavioural Expert , Speaker , Author and ‘Game Changer’ to organisations and individuals . Running in  his blood are Brands, People and Turnarounds. Having graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Business Science degree, and further studied abroad, Rob’s life passion has always been to help people ‘to do life better ‘.

His career is now dedicated to helping individuals and organizations unblock, unlock, and unleash their inner greatness .His learnings coming from the great champions of life and health. No matter whether it’s up top Everest, or in the cancer wards of Albert Luthuli Hospital, common patterns of greatness emerge and exist. It’s the ability to model these definitive patterns, that allows Rob to help more and more people bounce back to lives of fulfilment, happiness and ease!

Nothing can be more inspiring and rewarding.

In hindsight, cancer has been a blessing as it has taught me to treasure my family and friends very deeply. I view the gift of life and living with an infinitely more spiritual perspective and appreciate the miraculous balancing act that underpins all our life experiences, in a new way – a Cancer Champion talk



At Project Cancer Champions we do not offer advice. The information is presented for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or prescribe for any medical or psychological condition, nor to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions.  What we do, is share the insights, innovation  and inspiration of the great Cancer Champions who have conquered cancer. The information contained on this site, and in the book Cracking the Cancer Code , is not intended as medical advice and should not be relied upon as a substitute for talking to your doctor. This information may not address all possible actions, precautions, side effects or interactions. All matters regarding your health require the supervision of a medical doctor who is familiar with your medical needs.