Kylie and Angelina on Breast Cancer

26 August 2019, Monday
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Kylie and Angelina. They may look similar in real life, but their approach to life and health is radically different.
October is Breast Cancer Month and earlier in the year Kylie Minogue spoke out openly and honestly on Australia’s Sunday Night 60 minutes about how she conquered breast cancer, to which she received a mixed response.

Human brand specialist, Rob Opie, whose passion it is to explore human greatness through the interactive and interdisciplinary study of the great champions of life and health, argues that she did the world a great favour, and her sharing should not go unnoticed!

The good news is that breast cancer can be prevented and conquered with the right knowledge.

Thanks Kylie for helping others to do life better.


At The Game Plan, we have made it our mission to  study ,package and share what the great champions of life and health know, and do differently – in order to conquer.

Cancer certainly ranks right up there as one of life’s greatest challenges, so we would like to share with you just some of the esoteric knowledge held by great champions who have conquered cancer.

And, yes Kylie Minogue, you’ve got it spot on right! Angelina Jolie not so!
Kylie recently went on Australia’s Sunday Night 60 minutes, to reveal the inside story as to how she conquered cancer. And it’s this selfless real life sharing of her experience, which can prove invaluable, and open doors for others to prevent and/or conquer breast cancer.

I know I have strength, but when you’re fighting something where there is a lot of unknown it’s a mixture, a mixture of emotions and memories. – Kylie Minogue.

Kylie summed up her story as a mixture of emotions and memories.

Her candid interview certainly invoked mixed response from – ‘you’re beautiful, honest and a true inspiration‘, to ‘get on with life and stop throwing a celebrity pity party’. She is a true cancer champion, however, having had to face up to cancer at the age of 37 and gone on to conquer it! Kylie opened up to reveal how a friend’s well-meaning advice had been the key to how she conquered cancer:

A friend had said to me at the time, ‘you need to be a little bit selfish’, it’s not in my nature to be selfish, but now is the time to let people take care of you. And that’s what I did. – Kylie Minogue.

Yes, it is the right thing to do – to get the best possible medical support and help when one has to face up to cancer, which Kylie did. But behind Kylie’s story comes a far deeper insight and understanding as to what cancer actually entails. In our healing, it is important to recognize, understand and respond to any underlying message of dis/ease. We need to find answers to why this, why now, why me and why the disruption of a life of ease? We need to take heed.

The symptom is NEVER the problem; it’s merely the messenger – the body communicating that imbalances are present.

In the case of breast cancer, it’s exactly as Kylie had gleaned from her friend – who called it for her. In her own words she had for a long time been ‘putting others first’ – too much ‘nurturing and nourishing’ of others at one’s own expense. It’s what can be termed figuratively ‘breast feeding’ others. If this goes on for too long, it contravenes one of the most powerful universal laws of life and health, which sadly few of us are actually aware of:

Too much or too little of anything, for too long, creates a state of imbalance.

Any ongoing state of imbalance creates what is labeled as a state of dis/ease. A tipping point is reached and breached and the human body then sends out a message, labeled as cancer. It’s vital to understand that in the case of breast cancer, the imbalance is directly fueled by what we have found in every single cancer case without exception – either consciously or subconsciously held long-term resentment. In the case of breast cancer, the resentment is created and fueled by having to continually

breastfeed others

It’s often done unwittingly and unconsciously due to love – hence a mother will go on for years and years ‘breastfeeding’ one’s children, spouse or someone close. Long-term held resentment is therefore ‘the bitter fuel of breast cancer’. The message is clear; STOP, before one’s emotional energy well runs completely dry.

Resentment is a messy and confusing emotion to handle, and it often refuses to go away. Sometimes it goes on for years and years. It holds on. It festers. It eats away and makes one unforgiving and bitter about life. It drives internal repressed anger, blame, denial, pain, indignation, frailty and most of all creates a toxic imbalance – which can send the human cell formation process into total disarray

Kylie had unwittingly fallen into the human trap of creating her own state of imbalance, though her inherent nature to be too nice – for too long.

Cancer simply gave her a message to restore life balance. In Kylie’s case, it was to stop ‘giving too much’ of oneself – to take back her own life. She had it spot on, when she drafted her own new ‘to stop list ‘, which is often far more valuable and important in life than one’s ‘to do list ‘.

Once Kylie had restored life balance, the underlying long-term held resentment dissolved, and so did the cancer message.
So yes, according to all our interactive case studies to date, cancer is triggered from the emotional realm, and not the physical or chemical realms that most like to believe.

And Kylie has it spot, as the human body has an infinite ability to heal itself, if and when allowed to do its job optimally. Conquering cancer therefore requires introspection and equal measures of self honesty and self love. One must take heed of the cancer message.

The great champions of life and health have the advantage of knowing.

Now, let’s look at Angelina’s message to the world. Angelina opted for a prophylactic double breast mastectomy to prevent breast cancer, believing that the presence of a “so called faulty BRCA 1 gene “, which her mother had – heightened her risk of breast cancer.

Make bold choices and make mistakes – it’s all those things that add to the person you become – Angelina Jolie

Angelina has always had strong views on life and health, and she has supported many great causes such as the empowerment of woman, but one must certainly question her assumption that cancer is hereditary– as no one has ever proven it to be.

Hereditary, is often just habitually, or what can be termed ‘parental conditioning.’ For instance, if parents are overweight through behavioral over- eating, it’s often highly likely that their kids will also be overweight. Hence one inherits habits. It’s not all in the genes.

We believe that all Angelina has to do going forward, is to guard against ‘the human trap’ that her mom unwittingly fell into. Do not hold onto long term resentment – it’s a toxic insidious emotion that can destroy life itself .If Angelina can create and maintain life balance; she will continue to inspirationally impact our universe in so many wonderful ways. And finding forgiveness and inner peace with her dad, will go a long way to helping her to keep life balanced.

No further prophylactic surgery should be on her cards.
In summary, cancer is not as complicated a dis/ease, as most believe it to be, but conquering cancer demands ‘restoring life balance’ and hence cutting off ‘the fuel of cancer’ – long-term held resentment.

Let’s call it introspection, and Kylie got it spot on by taking heed of one of the most powerful universal laws of life and health that govern our lives.

Through her friend, she discovered that the best anti-cancer drug is one called

 Life Balance

She has bounced back to live life large.

Thank you Kylie for sharing your story of success, so that others can conquer too.

Life is not about finding oneself, life is about creating oneself. – George Bernard Shaw.