Having studied hundreds of 'Cancer Champions' over the last decade , I can tell you with absolute certainty that each of them took specific action steps in common to conquer cancer. Rob Opie


Take back your power. Take back your life. Conquer Cancer !

We are here to help  you do that !

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Rob Opie consults on how to conquer – and prevent cancer.

His expertise is delivered through his ground breaking and life changing

The Game Plan Method

– a lifestyle approach method derived solely from the Great Champions of Life and Health.

It ‘ takes heed ” from those who have gone before , those who have conquered cancer , those who have gone on to become Cancer Champions.

And it puts the power firmly back in your hands  !

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 More on The Game Plan Method?

The Game Plan Method is a culmination of more than 20 years of inter-disciplinary and interactive research and studies into the great champions of life and health – those who conquer .

It models how they think, what they know, what they do and what they do not do to conquer some of life’s greatest challenges!

One such life challenge is CANCER.


The Game Plan Method embraces three simple, but far from simplistic action steps:

Step One:Reality Check :

Why cancer? Why Me ? Why now ?

Step Two:Diagnostics: 

What’s fuelling the cancer? What’s the real cause?   

Step Three: Game Plan:

How to bounce back to Health & Happiness.  

The Game Plan Method is producing extra-ordinary stories of success.

We invite you to please make full use of all our resources  – insights, innovation and inspiration.

We invite you to become a CANCER CHAMPION.

They don’t always  make the headlines ,but among the great champions are not  just those who have  won Olympic gold or conquered Everest , but also the many who have conquered cancer : Cancer Champions .

Take back your power today !

Begin your journey back to health and happiness .


Contact Rob for further help ,assistance and support   :  robopie@thegameplan.co.za