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Rob’s special interest in helping cancer patients began way back in 1999, with the untimely death of one of his golfing buddies to colon cancer

– the legendary West Indian cricketer, Malcolm ‘Macko’ Marshall.

His death created a burning desire to find the answers, where none seemed to exist!


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 What every woman should know about Cancer :


In his most recently published eBook , Rob’s  shares the surprisingly simple truth behind how to conquer BREAT CANCER – and prevent it

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Cracking the Cancer Code – the way of the great Cancer Champions

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Rob’s outlook on life  has always been to find out what is, and will effect mankind most in the foreseeable future, find out what is not currently working, and to go out and fix it.

Cancer certainly fits that bill.

After the sudden loss of one of his golfing colleagues to colonic cancer, namely the legendary West Indian cricketer, Malcolm ‘Macko’ Marshall, Rob wanted to find some answers.

He packs these answers into a ground breaking, game changing book, which is helping to change the way the world views cancer – one life at a time.

The book is a step by step guide of how to conquer cancer.

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