FREE e BOOK. What every woman should know about Breast Cancer.

13 December 2017, Wednesday


One in four South Africans is associated with cancer in some form or the other. Either they have it themselves, or they have a relative or a friend battling the dis -ease.






Watching the Proteas play England earlier this year in front of a capacity crowd at the Wanderers spurred me into action .What a magnificent day with the ground awash in pink .So many people, so many companies standing up in support of those facing up to breast cancer.

The human collective is truly something special, but something is missing. Despite the genius advances of modern medicine in symptomatic cancer treatments and early detection programmes, there still exists a distinct lack of progress. Far too many lives continue to be lost – and families continue to be devastated by cancer.

Breast Cancer patients want to know the answers to the fundamental – ALL IMPORTANT – question.

 Why Breast Cancer? Why me? Why now?

In my latest FREE e Book I explore Breast Cancer and share what I have learnt from the great champions of life and health – those who have conquered cancer. Cancer Champions such as Nelson Mandela, Lance Armstrong, Kylie Minougue and many others less famous.

I have had the privilege to study the great cancer champions, distil their strategies and model their tactics.

I have collapsed all this collective knowledge into just 25 pages – into a book written to provide answers – and a model on how to conquer and prevent breast cancer .


The eBook is available FREE to all, but please be warned:


It’s a GAME CHANGER. It will change the way you think about Cancer


Mt-Everest-swimIn his book, 21 Yaks and a Speedo, Lewis Pugh described how he swam on Everest only to find out that his tried and trusted methods of swimming in ice cold water did not work atop Everest. He adopted what he refers to as a RTS: a “Radical Tactic Shift’’. He went on to conquer.


Rob’s latest book shares a fundamentally different approach ( a RTS ) on how to conquer and prevent Breast Cancer.

It shares what the great Cancer Champions know, do and do not do to conquer one of life’s greatest challenges.



What every woman should know about Breast Cancer.

The surprisingly simple truth behind  how to conquer breast cancer  – and prevent it



Please do share it with all those you care for –  as it explores many of the invaluable principles of life and health – that guide us to live lives of health and happiness.

And do life better.


ROBO COP 3Rob Opie is a Brand Strategist, Key Note Speaker, Author and Performance Coach to Business executives , corporate teams , sports teams and Life Coach to individuals. :

His great passion is to inspire and help people to live lives of health and happiness –  and to do life better.

He runs a NON- PROFIT  on line cancer resource centre at CANCER CHAMPIONS