8 March 2021, Monday





 Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well .Hippocrates (460-377BC)’


October is breast cancer awareness month, and according to The American Cancer Society, this year alone breast cancer will take the lives of over 40 000 women.

Something is going fundamentally wrong.

Surely it’s now time to think differently about cancer. To see things differently.

You’ve got cancer!

These are daunting words that can certainly invoke fear, helplessness, uncertainty and often a sensation of little hope.

And often they also invoke a reaction in most cancer patients – which can prove totally counter -productive.

They choose to see cancer as the enemy.

They choose to fight the dis-ease.

They put all their energy into beating the dis-ease

But in reality, the symptom is NOT the problem.

It’s merely the ‘messenger ‘– the body sending out a message to make urgent changes to one’s lifestyle – to restore balance.

To re-boot. And to take back one’s life.

Cancer can be likened to Everest. And nobody ever beats or bullies Everest.

But, many great champions have certainly conquered Everest.

And they do this by working with the mountain – not against it.

They choose to conquer the mountain – not to fight the mountain .

And that makes all the difference…….


In hindsight, cancer has been a blessing. I view the gift of life and living with an infinitely more spiritual perspective – and appreciate the miraculous balancing act that underpins all our life experiences, in a new way – A Cancer Champion speaks




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