Cancer. And how to avoid ‘the human trap’!

27 January 2020, Monday

Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.   Hippocrates (460-377BC)





Every day in the United States alone, more than 1500 people succumb to the dis-ease called cancer. In South Africa that number is estimated to be 150. Worldwide more people die of cancer than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. It is dis-ease capable of exacting a terrible toll on lives and families.

One in four South Africans is associated with cancer in some form or the other. Either they have it themselves, or they have a relative or a friend battling the dis-ease.

And lately it seems to be increasingly common to hear of someone who has heard the following words from one’s doctor.

You’ve got cancer

Well, it’s not all bad news, if one is open and prepared to ‘take heed’ of what the great Cancer Champions know  – those who have conquered one of life’s greatest challenges– including the likes of Lance Armstrong , Kylie Minogue  and Nelson Mandela.

Here are three invaluable insights derived from these great champions of life and health:

Insight Number One: As human beings we are all responsible for creating our own relative state of ease – or state of dis-ease.

Contrary to popular belief cancer is not a dis- ease which triggers from either the physical of chemical realms of health. Cancer is a human emotion disease which originates in the emotional realm of life and health – when one unwittingly and /or habitually creates an ongoing state of imbalance – an emotional imbalance.

It’s a’ human trap’ which can be avoided through greater human awareness of the universal laws of life and health, which govern our daily lives

Taking responsibility gives one the power to conquer any challenge in life

Insight Number Two: Long term held Resentment is ‘the Fuel of Cancer’

Holding on long term to the negative emotional toxin called ‘resentment’ is the cancer ‘trigger’. Resentment is the one and only common factor which you will find with every single cancer patient – they have it. It’s ‘the fuel of cancer’. Sometimes it’s held consciously, sometimes it’s held subconsciously! But it’s always there.

Surprisingly most cancer patients simply are not aware that they are holding on to a ‘highly toxic emotion ‘, which can ultimately kill.

Resentment is a messy and confusing emotion to handle, and it often refuses to go away. Sometimes it goes on for years and years. It holds on. It festers. It eats away and makes one unforgiving and bitter about life. It drives internal repressed anger, blame, denial, pain, indignation, frailty and most of all creates a toxic imbalance – which can send the human cell formation process into total disarray – labeled as cancer.

Insight Number Three: Fighting Cancer does not work. Conquer it!

It’s common for cancer patients to say that they will fight the dis-ease with all they have got . Well , fighting cancer does not work! Conquering cancer on the other hand does ! This means one must ‘take heed of the universal message’, which is cancer, and move quickly to restore emotional imbalance. It’s a process that requires equal measures or self-honesty and self-love – in order to remove the long term held resentments in one’s  current life.

Forgiveness and acceptance also go a long way to bring about change and healing.

One cannot fight, beat or bully Everest. But, one can definitely conquer the mountain by working with it – not against it. It’s the same for cancer.

With all the misinformation and myths being punted about cancer, it’s extremely difficult for cancer patients to grasp the above three power insights derived from those who have conquered cancer   the heroes who bounce back as true ‘ cancer champions’ !

Awareness is the first step to healing

And healing  only begins when one realizes that ‘the symptom’ is never the problem. It’s merely a universal message – the universe trying its level best to tell one ‘ to restore life balance.’

It’s the universe throwing out a lifeline – a message to re- boot for the journey of life.


ROBO COP 3*Rob Opie. B Bus Science is a Human Behavioral Expert and founder of a global online Cancer Resource Center,  Cancer Champions . To find out more , please visit the site where you can download a FREE copy of Cracking the Cancer Code – a step by step guide on how to conquer cancer.