A Christmas wish for those facing up to CANCER.

27 January 2020, Monday

An extract from ‘Cracking the Cancer Code’ – Robert. A .Opie



I dream that the word ‘cure’ will no longer be followed by the words ‘it’s impossible’ Together; we can make a world where cancer no longer means living with fear, without hope, or worse – Patrick Swayze

When United States President Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act into effect in 1971, most Americans – and the rest of the world –believed that if America could put a man on the moon, the war against cancer would soon be over.

More than 40 years on and rogue cancer cells continue to cause death, destroy lives and devastate families. Every day in the US alone, more than 1500 people succumb to the dis/ease. In South Africa that number is estimated to be 150. Worldwide more people die of cancer than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined.

It is a dis/ease capable of exacting a terrible toll. In 2012 more than 8 million sufferers did not survive into the New Year.

One in four South Africans is associated with cancer in some form or the other. Either they have it themselves, or they have a relative or a friend battling the dis/ease. These are frightening statistics and despite genius advances of modern medicine in cancer treatments and early detection programmes, there is still a perceived lack of progress.

Recent talk has revolved around cancer dream teams in the US who are collaborating to find the cure. But, to date no definitive answers.No cure .

Obviously something is not working, and in a case like this, it’s wise to adopt a fundamental tactical shift in thinking and approach.

Firstly, it’s not about finding ‘ a cure’. And, importantly it’s not about  ‘fighting the dis-ease’.

Most cancer patients who hear the words ‘You’ve got cancer’, choose to adopt an all-out approach to “fight the dis-ease.”

But, it’s this very approach which can prove totally counter- productive –  and eventually it simply  “wears one down”.

The universe shows and tells us why

Take Everest , as an analogy . Those who choose to fight the mountain, rarely succeed. In fact, those who choose to ‘bully the mountain’, often succumb on the mountain.

It’s the same  lesson from the ocean. Those who choose to fight a rip tide by swimming directly against it, will  simply wear themselves down and many times the swimmer will drown. Rip Tides however only present a life danger to those who do not understand how they work.

 Never fight a rip tide :  Shaun Tomson : World Champion Surfer

Why then do so many people choose to ‘fight a rip tide’ or ‘ fight the mountain’ called CANCER?

The human smart thing to do is to “ TAKE HEED ” of what the great Champions of life and health do.

First and foremost they choose not to fight.

They choose to conquer.

Fighting means that one is coming from a position of weakness. Conquering means that one comes from a position of strength – one with greater knowledge.

And it’s no different whether one is facing up to Everest, facing up to an Ocean Rip Tide, or facing up to Cancer.

What do the great ‘Cancer Champions’ do differently to conquer cancer?

We owe a great deal to ‘Cancer Champions‘ like Lance Armstrong. Nelson Mandela, Kylie Minogue and many more   – who have all shared how they did it .

But sadly, their self-less sharing, has mostly gone unnoticed.

None of them will tell your that there exists ‘a cure for cancer’ .  That’s because there is no ‘ medical cure ‘, and there never will be.

Healing from cancer involves a lifestyle approach –   a self -induced healing process coming from a greater understanding of the universal laws of life and health.

They all chose to make life design changes , and move from a ‘cure me’mode – to an empowering  ‘I get it’ mode .

They took heed of the cancer message


And they all  know that just like Everest, Cancer can be conquered.

And that is great news for many who have to face up to cancer.

In fact, conquering cancer can be closely likened to conquering Everest. Anyone who conquers Everest knows that the mountain always carries a message –  a message of when to be on the mountain ,and when to get off the mountain.

To CONQUER anything one must  take four poronged approach , having…..


To find out  more on how Cancer Champions like Lance Armstrong. Nelson Mandela, Kylie Minogue and many more –  have conquered cancer, please do take some time out to read.


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Love your life and body and good things happen . Bernie Siegel



ROBO COP 3Rob Opie is a brand strategist, key note speaker and author. He also runs a nonprofit online Cancer Resource Centre at www.cancerchampions.co

His passion in life is ‘to help people to do life better’. His vision is to change the way the world thinks about cancer – one life at a time