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Sport holds the key to conquering Motor Neuron Dis- ease.

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Scientists have found that a statistical link exists between Sport and Motor Neuron Dis/ease. (MND). Let’s explore this further.

Doctors classify Motor Neuron Dis-eases according to whether they are inherited or sporadic, and to whether degeneration affects upper motor neurons, lower motor neurons, or both. The most common one is called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), or classic MND. It’s a progressive, ultimately fatal disorder that disrupts signals to all voluntary muscles.

Doctors say there is  NO CURE. Or are they merely  looking for answers in the wrong place?

And can sport shred some much needed light on a complex dis-ease that is increasingly destroying lives and destructing families.


Complexity is the enemy of cure.

In America, ALS is also known as Lou Gehrig’s dis-ease, after the untimely death of the New York Yankee first baseman way back in 1941. In South Africa, Springbok Legend. Joost van der Westhuizen continues to courageously fight the dis/ease .Sadly another Springbok rugby player, Tinus Linee succumbed to the dis/ease in 2014.

Before we explore the sporting link, let’s first look at how the human body moves from a state of ease to a state of dis-ease. It’s vital to understand that in our healing, it’s important to listen, understand and respond to any underlying message of any state of dis-ease. We need to find answers to why this, why now, why me and why the disruption of a life of ease?

And with all states of dis/ease, common patterns of human behavior emerge and do exist.

The human body will only move to a state of dis-ease through one of the three realms of health, namely physical, chemical or emotional. If we unwittingly and /or habitually create any form of ‘imbalance’ in one of these three realms, we are effectively creating fertile ground for the onset of  a state of dis-ease to develop. There’s always a pattern, and the body will send out a physical symptom – a physical message ‘to restore balance ‘. The symptom is never the problem – it‘s merely the messenger. When we are able to grasp this concept – then healing can begin.

MND, like any state of dis-ease, is therefore one’s body doing it level best to tell one that there are imbalances present – and that one needs to make life design changes – and hereby restore life balance.

Balance creates wellness (state of ease). Imbalance creates illness (a state of dis/ease)

Doctors say there is no cure for MND. This is primarily because they’re looking for the cure in the physical and chemical realms of health only . This is where the genius of modern medicine lies,  in these two realms  , but it’s not where the cause and the fuel of MND is to be found .

The sporting link  points us to a ‘think different’ approach to conquering MND. And to explore the third and most powerful realm of life and health, namely  the emotional realm .Let’s take a look .

Sporting Super Stars often ‘find their identity’ in the sporting achievements. Then one day it all comes to an abrupt end. Those that find themselves in this situation are often left with fragile personal brands, and a resulting inability to accept their own self- worth – without ‘the position on the team ’, ‘the title’ ‘the power’, ‘the badge ‘or ‘the wealth’. It’s as if the scaffolding comes crashing down.

Having got use to all the fame, adoration, pampering, celebrity status  and ‘instant pleasure’ from an early age, they are suddenly  left with nothing–  their ‘glamour filled sporting lifestyles’  all over .They now seek to counter balance the resulting ‘instant pain’ that they  are feeling and experiencing. Unable to adjust to ‘real life ‘ ,they often fall into’ the human trap’ of seeking various forms of ‘instant pleasure’, and sometimes through ‘inappropriate action/s ‘.

They therefore create a  ‘disconnect’ in who they really are, and a ‘human imbalance’ comes into play. If this ‘ human imbalance ‘continues long term, they  open themselves up to one of the most toxic emotions that any human being can experience. It’s called Self-Guilt.

Ongoing Self-Guilt becomes the ‘emotional fuel’ which triggers MND. It’s highly toxic and the intensity of the self- guilt determines the speed and progression of the dis-ease.

MND is the body’s way of telling and urging one to ‘restore life balance’ – to remove the toxic emotion called Self -Guilt .To re-focus, re- boot and re-build one’s own self – worth. To create a new life free of any form of self – guilt

Guilt is a messy and confusing emotion to handle, and it refuses to go away .It lowers one’s self esteem, gnaws away at our sense of strength and alienates us from other people. And sometimes it goes on for years and years. It closes one down.It makes us defensive, it makes us lie, and it drives internal anger, pain, imbalance and human frailty.

Ongoing past and present time self -guilt creates fertile ground for the onset of dis- ease, unless the universal message that has gone out, is heeded – and humanly brought back into balance.

Sport illustrates for us just how low self- worth can manifest itself  and create feelings of self- guilt . And inadequacy in life .There are multiple other ways that this happens in life  (not only sport), but if you look closely at anyone who has MND – you will pick the pattern – and find the underlying low self- worth , and  the resulting self -guilt. It comes from not living life with more  purpose,   more priority – and more  productivity .

Essentially  MND  stems from an innate inability to appreciate one’s own self -worth going foreward.

So when doctors say that there is ‘no cure ‘, what they actually mean is that there is no cure coming from the physical or chemical realms of modern medicine. It’s at times like these that one needs to explore the ‘life force’ called emotion.

It’s then that the reality dawns that ‘ LIFE BALANCE is the most powerful drug on the market.

MND is human emotion dis-ease which can be conquered with a game plan which is

made of the right stuff


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