What every woman should know about BREAST CANCER

The surprisingly simple truth behind how to conquer breast cancer - and prevent it .
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Welcome to Cancer Champions – a non-profit online Cancer Resource Centre

Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well .Hippocrates (460-377BC)


You’ve got cancer!

These are daunting words that can certainly invoke fear, panic, helplessness, uncertainty and often a sensation of little hope.

But, here is the good news . Just like Everest……


Amazing! Tom Kowpak, Everest summit, 26 May 2012

How can we help you to conquer cancer ?

At Cancer Champions we believe in the life philosphy of one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurial minds:

 Go find out what is going to effect mankind the most in the forseeable future , find out what is  NOT  working – and go fix it – Elon Musk

Cancer certainly fits that bill, as cancer is taking to many lives – and devastating too many families.

At Cancer Champions we have a THINK DIFFERENT approach for what is clearly not working for so many.

We do not fight cancer.

We understand and know that:

The symptom is never the problem – it is merely the messenger

It’s this breakthrough understanding of  ‘ The Cancer Message’, thatopens up the road back to health and happiness.

Conquering Cancer requires:

The Right Resolve , The Right Knowledge , The Right Support and The Right Game Plan.

On this non-profit  resource site, we will share with you what the great Cancer Champions know, what they do and what they do not do – to conquer one of life’s greatest challenge .

Great Cancer Champions like Nelson Mandela  Lance Armstrong, Kylie Minogue ,Martina Navratilova and many others less famous…………..

If you want to conquer – it’s wise to learn from those who have conquered

We will share with you the collective wisdom of those who have CONQUERED CANCER.

We will share with you many of the potent universal principles of life and health- which will help you to come to the breakthrough realization,that the most powerful anti-cancer drug is not chemotheraphy , or radiation ,  but rather one that comes FREE TO YOU in life  :

It’s one called :


We will empower you with  THE GAME PLAN METHOD –  an ultra powerful  STEP- BY- STEP methodology to re – create that  LIFE BALANCE – and a fulfilled life of happiness and health.

We invite you to explore our resource site , and take full advantage of the Insight, Innovation and Inspiration made available to you FREE.

All we ask of you  – is that you share all this game-changing insight , innovation and inspiration with others who are also facing up to cancer .


Start your own journey back to a life filled with Health and Happiness .

Reboot today !

It’s a journey well worth mastering.


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Without cancer, I never would have won a single Tour de France. Cancer taught me a plan for more purposeful living and that in turn taught me how to train and to win more purposefully. It taught me that pain has a reason and that sometimes the experience of losing things – whether health or a car or an old sense of self, has its own value in the scheme of life           Lance Armstrong


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What every woman should know about Breast Cancer.

The surprisingly simple truth behind  HOW TO CONQUER  BREAST CANCER – and prevent it .

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 Hi Rob.  What can I say…You have really been an inspiration to me through my last 6 months. Thank you thank you, thank you …… YES , I am  living my new life from today. I live my live on purpose and am using your ice berg model everyday….God bless you as well : Debbie H



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FREE e BOOK. What every woman should know about Breast Cancer.
11 December 2017, Monday

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